Dr. Christopher Sorensen, MD

Psychiatrist (A135024 California)

ALUMNI OF: Brigham Young University
LOCATION: Los Altos Mental Health Clinic, San Jose Mental Health Clinic, CA
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  • Integrating cultural and religious beliefs into treatment plan.
  • Treating psychiatric disorders – anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Treatment Orientation

  • Creates patient-centered clinical management plan for mental disorders
  • Commands active patient engagement
  • Weighs multiple therapeutic options for patients

Affiliations and certifications

  • Studied both Neuroscience and English at Brigham Young University
  • Studied Medicine at The Ohio State University
  • Worked in an HIV Clinic in South Africa
  • Worked with the Mayo Clinic at their private hospital inpatient units and psychoanalytic outpatient practice
  • Worked at outpatient clinics in Arizona and New Zealand
  • Moonlighted as an inpatient consultant psychiatrist

In-Network Insurance

Anthem Blue Cross of California
Blue Shield of California (We are not in-network with Blue Shield Covered California)
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Alignment Health
Optum Behavorial Health

Dr. Christopher Sorensen studied both Neuroscience and English at Brigham Young University and started early in practicing an integrated approach to psychiatry by working as a neuroanatomy teaching assistant, pharmacy technician and teaching deep muscle relaxation for students with anxiety disorders.

He studied medicine at The Ohio State University and took a special interest in cultural impact on mental health and international medicine, working for part of his final year in an HIV clinic in South Africa. He completed his residency with the Maricopa Integrated Health System in Phoenix Arizona, where he started new rotations with the Mayo Clinic, private hospital inpatient units and a psychoanalytic outpatient practice. Since residency he has primarily worked in outpatient clinics in Arizona and New Zealand, as well as moonlighting as an inpatient consultant psychiatrist.

Dr. Sorensen believes in practicing patient-centered medicine. He has tried to accumulate as much experience in treating a wide variety of mental health conditions in various settings as possible, and uses that expertise to work together with his patients in developing a plan to best address their personal needs and priorities. He’s especially interested in incorporating the patient’s personal history, cultural and religious beliefs into their treatment plan when appropriate. Rather than dictate one treatment plan, he will discuss the relative merits of different therapeutic options and he and the patient will pick which one has the best chance of success and meeting the patient’s goals.

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