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Los Altos Mental Health Clinic


4966 El Camino Real,
STE 224,
Los Altos, CA 94022




Map and Driving Directions
Our intersection is Ortega Ave and El camino Real. The building is in the back of a set of 4 buildings and the office is on 2nd floor.

Providers in Los Altos Mental Health Clinic

DR. VIDUSHI SAVANT, MD profile picture

DR. Vidushi Savant,
MD, Psychiatrist

Language: English, Hindi
Location: Los Altos Mental Health Clinic
Years in Practice: 8+


Richard Knowles profile picture

Dr. Richard Knowles
Ph.D. Psychologist

Language: English
Location: Los Altos Mental Health Clinic
Years in Practice: 12+


Marita Keeling profile picture

Dr. Marita Keeling
MD, Psychiatrist

Language: English
Location: Los Altos Mental Health Clinic
Years in Practice: 35+



Amazing place. The staff here is excellent. Needed an appointment on short notice and BG and Caroline were extremely helpful in setting it up as soon as possible. Doctor Keeling even worked outside of her normal schedule to meet with me and I truly appreciate it. I highly recommend Savant Care.

We have consulted with Dr. Vidushi Savant about once a month for treatment of our Bipolar I condition since April 2016, and are consistently impressed by her quality of care. (We are plural, meaning multiple personalities, and usually speak using plu...ral pronouns.) Dr. Savant is whip smart, thinks creatively outside of the box while remaining grounded in scientific method, and knows her pharmacology. Of central importance to us, given these qualities, is that she can handle our idiosyncratic hypersensitivity to and intolerance of medications that has baffled all of our many previous psychiatrists, makes us difficult to treat, and in her words, her most "clinically challenging" patient. Dr. Savant is the first psychiatrist who has been able to ascertain what, when, and how much to prescribe to us. If we were an easy to treat patient, a bi-monthly office consult would suffice, with little communication in between. As is the case, Dr. Savant periodically extends herself to us to a considerable degree between monthly office appointments, using her clinic's Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) compliant (i.e. confidential) patient web portal, through which patients can message their doctors and receive replies, and also upload and download documents. On this note, she is keen to maintain continuity of care with our other clinicians, so she reviews labs ordered by them that we upload, as they might be relevant to her prescribing. For our part, we try to keep our portal comments succinct, especially if we are manic or hypomanic and thus prone to more "pressure of speech" styled verbosity than we normally are. As the French philosopher and scientist Blaise Pascal said, "I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter." Also, Dr. Savant respectfully collaborates with us rather than copping the "doctor knows best" attitude that many physicians take toward their patients. One disadvantage of her SavantCare clinic for us is that it does not have an after hours psychiatrist on call. But the average psychiatric patient whose body does not totally flip from medications like ours does will not have a problem with this. Dr. Savant aside, the only downside to the SavantCare *clinic* is that it relies on high-tech that often fails. Some aspect of the above noted web portal is on the fritz about 5% of the time. The clinic's Android phone app never worked on our Android phone even though the phone's operating system was compatible, and the iPhone app only partly works. The self-service vitals machine in the lobby, which records one's weight, body mass, temperature, blood pressure, etc., is usually out of paper, so one cannot get a printout, and there is no way to access the data in one's clinic account. The iPad app in the lobby that patients use to sign in has rarely worked in the past three years. But while these constant tech glitches are annoying, we deal with them, given that we are getting excellent care from Dr. Savant. Last, chronic negative reviewer Kathryn B. is grasping at straws. In her updated April 10 review she winges, "The recent article in the Los Altos Town Crier ("Local psychiatrist claims bogus city award on employer website" 04/03/19) about fake awards being posted for Dr. Parikh (who is the doctor I saw), once again illustrates the unethical behavior of Savant Care." However, the Town Crier updated their article on April 10 to indicate that SavantCare had, like many other businesses, fallen victim to a nationwide scam in which fraudsters convince businesses that they have been voted the "best of" whatever city they are doing business in, and can buy a plaque saying so for $149 to $229 [1]. The updated Town Crier article includes the fraudster's awardedbest.org web address, and a link to a Better Business Bureau article, "Award Scam A Big Loser," warning business about the scam [2]. Some people like Kathryn just have an axe to grind. [1] losaltosonline.com/news/… [2] bbb.org/northwest-pacifi…

As many of you know, finding a mental health clinic and schedule an appointment is very difficult. I was very pleasantly surprised that BG and Caroline in the intake dept. make this process so easy and enjoyable. BG even took into the next step and followed up my call to the clinic. I also wanted to say that I feel that this clinic and its employees carry and run themselves in a very professional/helpful manner. Looking forward to seeing Dr. Sorensen.

My wife was actually seeing the doctors here, she had a really good experience with the care provided. This review is regarding the billing practices and refund policies. We changed insurance mid year and my wife did not know the exact dates. I perso...nally reached out to Scott in billing and he was able to refile the claim to the new insurance company in time. Also the refund was quickly processed but added to internal credit. Reached out to Scott again to get a check in the mail, but he suggested a wire transfer which was quicker and better than receiving a check in the mail. Quick resolution and great customer service, exceeded my expectations. Thanks Scott.

This review is regarding the intake process I had with BG, a very patient and polite man. We went through some health insurance questions and where I would like to see my Psychiatrist (he has a couple locations) based on the proximity from my home. Then, a couple of texts back and forth, and a signature on the website and I was approved for an appointment in TWO days! Very easy and to the point, as it should be! I haven't been seen by the Doctor yet but that will be a separate review, if needed. But, as far as the intake process goes, BG gets 5 stars!!!

Caroline was amazing at coordinating my intake and first appointment as a new patient. It felt seamless and extremely smooth with her help! Would recommend SavantCare and Caroline specifically!

When we reached out for a fresh intake appointment, BG from the intake team was very helpful. He proactively track of waitlist and cancellations and provided an earlier appointment than originally scheduled. He is also very proactive in helping with the follow-up appointments

Dr Sorensen is excellent and has helped me with my anxiety and depression. I’ve never had this level of service and dedication. It has saved my job and changed my life. I highly recommend him. It takes a while to get an appointment but it’s worth the wait. Beth in San Jose

Savant Care does an amazing job of taking the administrative pain out of mental health care, which makes things easier on the patients and also seems like a big help to the clinicians. I've been impressed with the doctors I've worked with and with the responsiveness of the admin team. Highly recommended!

I have an awesome experience with Dr Keeling she is a well manner and compassionate Dr I only had 3 sessions with her and I feeling Im heading in the right path, thank you also to Paul and Richard awesome guys always ready to give a hand

Love love love the care I’ve received here!!! Dr Sorensen is an outstanding psychiatrist and very helpful. Love this place!!

I just recently moved from Texas to California, and was having the most difficult time finding a psychiatrist until working with BG at Savant Care. BG listened to my concerns and truly empathized with my situation. He went above and beyond to make sure I found a doctor who was local and met my needs. He is valuable member of the Savant Care team and should be recognized! Still have not seen Dr. Keeling yet, but if she is anything like her staff then the experience will be excellent.

When I had a mental health care issue I needed help for, this was the only psychiatric practice near me taking patients in the next 3 months. I called EVERYWHERE, and no one else could fit me in the schedule or deal with my specific issue.Savantcare ...scheduled me within one month and worked hard to get me seen sooner than that upon request. I am so grateful for them being able to see me so promptly. My psychiatrist is an excellent fit. She is well-versed in recent developments in the field, and is able to discuss her recommendations in a way I understand. She also makes sure that she and I are making decisions together. I am comfortable with my treatment plan and feel able to raise concerns if I have any.we problem solve together. The support staff are beyond excellent at returning phone calls, emails, etc and taking care of any urgent issues IMMEDIATELY. I would highly recommend this practice.

Savant Care is a noteworthy mental health program that works very hard to take care of their patients. I noticed my symptoms reduce while i have been in their care and much like my psyquiatrist.

Savant Care has definitely helped me in turning my life around. Dr. Sorensen is very helpful and informative with whatever issues or questions I may have, and makes sure that things are always flowing smoothly in terms of my mental and physical health. And on top of that is his assistant, Austin. Austin is always quick to help; to go the extra mile to make sure that problems of any sort are resolved. I highly recommend Savant Care and their incredible staff!

My experience with Dr. Keeling has been great. The first appointment I had with her was 90 minutes, and she asked lots of questions about my background and mental health history. I've never worked with such an attentive psychiatrist, and she quickly ...put me at ease. She welcomes questions and is always willing to explain her reasoning behind decisions about medication or diagnoses. Dr. Keeling's assistant, Richard, is also great to work with. Whether it's a question about scheduling appointments, an issue I need to have addressed by the doctor, or a last minute refill request, he's always on top of things and quick to get back to me.

I've received an abundant service of support from Dr Parikh and SavantCare. Parikh is efficient with treatment plans, offering kind and genuine support with my struggles. Regardless of the circumstances, Parikh is flexible and tries her best to accommodate to your health needs. Service management is also very helpful, as they are quick to responding to phone calls, medication refill, and appointment updates/reminders!

The admins at SavantCare (especially Seth & Caroline are outstanding: patient, attentive, prompt, kind, thoroughly respectful and informed, choice of Bay Area locations and a plus —they take Medicare

She was very down to earth and pleasant. Her suggestions were great!

So far for visiting her for only one time, she seemed very knowledgeable and thorough. Looking forward to the next appt.

Dr, Marita Keeling is an excellent psychiatrist. She has tonnes of experience and has been in practice for well over 30 years and that reflects in the level of care she provides to her patients. I have been very impressed with my doctor and Savant Care. Very helpful support staff! Highly recommend!

Marita Keeling reminds me of my grandmother. She is always so sweet and kind, and has a really great bedside manner! I feel really comfortable talking with her about my recent depressive episodes, and feel as if she truly cares about me and my well being. It has been 6 months, and I am on my way towards a better life thanks to her.

I have seen a few psychiatrists in the past but I must say she is one of the smartest and most skilled I have ever met. I have a history of ADHD. She has helped me find the right mix of medications to help me function so much better in my day to day life. I find her extremely easy to talk to about any of my mental issues. I attribute my now-strong mental health to her care, and would recommend her to anyone seeking mental health care in the area Thank you, Dr. Mehta, you have certainly made a difference!

I would like to give her 10 stars out of the 5 zocdoc has! Yes!! Mental illness does not make life easy, especially the stigma that surrounds it. After visiting several psychiatrists and taking numerous medications that never really worked for me, I finally found her. I have been suffering from depression for quite some time and was in a total mess when I first met her. This is my third month under her care and I can certainly say, things have changed for me - life seems to be very different & beautiful. Dr. Alison has been a god send for me. I wish I had found her sooner!

Dr. Mehta is a thoughtful and knowledgeable doctor. She has always given me her full attention during our two sessions. I was amazed how she made me comfortable and carved out a treatment plan. I can already feel the change in me. Her office staff is also very caring. I highly recommend Dr. Mehta and her office!

It was simply amazing, she was courteous always smiling and made me feel completely at ease!


Thank god for brilliant physicians like Dr. Savant.

Very professional, kind and considerate.

Dr Savant was both knowledgeable and professional. She was very thorough, taking the time to listen to my history and my concerns. She explained different treatment options and the pros and con's of each so that I could make an informed decision. I can tell that she genuinely cares about her patients and wants what's best for their long term health and well-being. She also worked with me to schedule my appointment so that it worked with my schedule and reached out to me personally to confirm. I highly recommend this doctor and her practice.

I had an excellent appointment at the Los Altos location with Dr. Alison Mehta. She was very helpful in addressing my treatment needs after going through my previous psych history. Her office staff is also very responsive. Highly recommend!

I have one word for my psychiatrist, Dr. Alison Mehta - AWESOME! She is very attentive and knowledgeable. Very determined to help with issues and comes across as a true professional! Thank you!

Dr Keeling was awesome! She was respectful, but direct and very effective in diagnosing my issues. She was able to get all the relevant details necessary in our first session. I am very impressed! Thanks Dr Keeling!

I really enjoyed my visit with Dr Keeling. I appreciated the layman's medical explanation of what I was experiencing and how the medicine might affect it. The office seems to be going through a major tech overhaul. Lots of bugs to get worked out. Might be trying to complicate things too much.

She is amazing! Objectively listens and takes everything you say seriously and into consideration. I had trouble scheduling my first appointment with her previous assistant because he lost all my info twice and I almost gave up, but I'm so glad I didn't! Even if you have issues with the office, keep pushing through because Dr. Savant is wonderful (and, incidentally, scheduling is way easier after the first appointment).

As best as they come by. Dr. Savant was more than welcoming and her mindfulness approach in helping me through every step of my treatment was crucial. I've seen my fair share of psychiatrists, and she is by far exceeded all my expectations.