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Mental health clinic in San Jose, CA – Contact us for immediate assistance

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San Jose Mental Health Clinic


28th N. 1st St
STE #700, 7th floor
San Jose, CA 95113




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Providers In San Jose Mental Health Clinic

Dr. Kenrick Brian Licorish profile pic

Dr. Kenrick Brian Licorish
MD, Psychiatrist

Language: English

Location: San Jose Mental Health Clinic

Years in Practice: 5+



Christina Martinez, LMFT

Language: English

Location: San Jose Mental Health Clinic

Years in Practice: 6+



I have been a patient with Doctor Christopher Sorensen for over a year. This is not the first time in my life I seek a psychiatrists help, but this is the first time I feel comfortable in my discussions with my dr and happy with treatments. Dr Sorensen respects patients, listens to them and takes notes, he also asks follow up questions and he is very present with the patient. I often ask questions and I get answers from him and he asks if the answers is clear. Thank you again for being so passionate about treating patients ans thanks for the helpful Admins.

It's a one-stop deal with Paul at SavantCare. He takes care of it all: intake appts, regular weekly appts, billing, and any other request you may have. And he does it right away, no waiting or hesitating. Thank you, Paul. You've always been a great help.

Intake process went very well. BG was patient and understanding, walking me thru all the clear limitations of their websie. Thank you for your help!

Mr. BG was very wonderful to me when I had the great opportunity to talk to him about being a patient with Savant Care. He handled all my needs with great attention to detail and was very easy to talk to. He was also very caring and very knowledgeable and warm. I am glad I got to speak to him. He is awesome. Thank you so much for helping me on the phone. You are great. He made my day.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Christopher Sorensen for almost a year now and I have to say I’ve had a great experience with both Savant Care and Dr. Sorensen. Dr. Sorensen is very impressive. I have had a few bad experiences before with other doctor...s that I’ve had, but he is completely on a different level than most medical professionals. His knowledge of different medications are on point and it is obvious he has an excellent memory. I have had addiction issues for a while and probably haven’t been the best or most compliant of patients, but he has worked with me all this time to help me get better. It is very apparent that he cares about his patients. I highly recommend him because he is effective and is also very kind. He definitely wants his patients to get better. Also, he referred to a therapist who specializes in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). Her name is Jennifer Gilman and is also part of Savant Care. I’ve also had an awesome experience with her. She is very understanding and is really sweet. I’ve been very honest with her about my issues and she is always there to recommend the best advice. Most of all, I know she cares about me and she has been nothing but encouraging and nice. As for Savant Care as a whole, the whole team is excellent. The team of assistants that I have interacted with has been nothing but pleasant and very efficient. In short, my opinion is that they are the best of the best. If you really want treatment that works, please give Savant Care a shot. You won’t be sorry and I am sure you will have an excellent experience!

I have had a wonderful experience with SavantCare so far, both with my psychiatrist Dr. Sorensen and his assistant Austin. Dr. Sorenson is very informed and aways takes care to listen to my feedback and adjust my medication accordingly. With his help... I have had a stable handle on both my depression and my anxiety for many many months in spite of the crazy situations life has been throwing at me lately. Austin is very responsive as well. There are several ways to contact the office which is really nice because it means that my questions and requests are handled quickly. You can call them, text Austin, or create an online message on their system. I go on quite a few vacations and Chris and Austin are always very accomodating whether it be with rescheduling or refilling meds early or what have you. 11/10 experience.

Super efficient, available after hours , Dr Sorensen and assistant Austin are the best ????????

Savant Care provides excellent care. I have been very happy with the doctors and therapists I see there and all the assistants are very attentive and helpful regarding getting medication refills and scheduling appointments.

I truly love Savant Care because I feel that both the doctors and staff go above and beyond to help me when needed. I recently switched jobs and had two network choices for insurance, and chose the one that ensured that I could stay with Savant Care,... even though my PCP wasn't covered under the same network. I chose to switch my PCP so I could stay with Dr. Sorensen- he's kind, helpful and takes the time to make sure I'm getting the correct care. Additionally, I'd like to mention that his assistant, Austin, is without a doubt the best out there! Austin has an incredible turnaround time and will always help you whenever he can. I highly recommend Savant Care and Dr. Sorensen.

I am writing this as a testament to the amazing job specifically Adrian did for me. When I first posted a review of this clinic, I wasn't particularly pleased with the care I received. However, after only about 30 minutes of posting the review I rece...ived a call from Adrian and from the very first his only care was making the wrong a right. In my opinion, it would have been enough that he simply called to apologize and listen to the issues I faced and promise to address them; but Adrian wasn't satisfied with that. He took several additional steps that I felt went far above and beyond the call of duty. SavantCare went from being a difficult and bad memory to a clinic that I would feel comfortable referring my friend and family to. Kudos to you Adrian! I truly hope that you are able to assemble your dream team to care for your patients. I wish you all the best and I look forward to seeing the exciting things SavantCare has in store in the coming years.

Very helpful customer service. Shawn is responsive and efficient. Dr pistone is careful and wants you safe. I'd recommend describe your situation very clearly and meeting halfway on the options. Thumbs up! - quoc

I think he was very upfront, knowledgeable, and knew his facts. I was so impressed with how he took the time to check my heart. I’ve been taking the same rx since middle school and out of all my psychiatrist he was the first to check my bpm. I didn’t think much about it initially but soon after I realized how significant that was considering no one had ever done that. I highly recommend Dr. Pistone.

I want to thank Adrian for the time he took out of his day to contact me personally to discuss the experience I had with the clinic. Not only did he address the issues I had and assured me that steps have been taken to rectify the problems I faced, h...e also showed genuine concern for how I was currently doing. When I told him that I had found another clinic and treatment that was working for me, instead of trying to convince me to come back (as I've had some businesses try in the past) he seemed genuinely happy for me. He also made sure I had his personal extension so that if I ever needed help in the future I could call him for assistance. In my mind, Adrian went above and beyond to fix what was originally a very negative experience. I want to thank you, Adrian, for doing so. I am much more likely to suggest Savant Care to people in the future knowing that there are staff like you there to help provide the care that patients need.

Receptive staff and great doctor

I cannot say enough good things about Dr.! He has an innate ability to understand where you are coming from, and a terrifically welcoming personality. His knowledge in the field of psychiatry is truly impressive, it is clear he takes pride in his and more than anything, the well-being of those who see him. I will absolutely be recommending him to any friends or family who ask. I could not end this review without also extending praise to his assistant, Shawn!!! First of all, he's just a really cool guy haha. More importantly though, he's highly skilled in dealing with insurance matters (a cause of major headaches for me in the past), as well as scheduling and pharmacies. He is very easy to get in touch with over the phone as well! Overall, 10/10 experience with these two.

Dr Pistoni has helped me tremendously with my issues. He is professional and has a sense of humor too. Sean is also there to help me with making my appointments and keeping me on track.

I'd like to express a sincere thank to Savant Care especially Alex K. the manager, for taking the time to help my mom-Kim Tran with her continued care and their kindest customer services delivered to her.

I highly recommend the providers at Savant Care Clinic. I have been working with Dr Pistone and only have positive things to express about the quality of care I am receiving. I whole heartedly recommend Savant Care Clinic.

The Savant Care Clinic in downtown San Jose is excellent. Shawn the administrator is extremely helpful and is an excellent liaison and representative of the clinic, he always handles any situations that arise very quickly and is very polite and friendly. Dr. Pistone helped me during a difficult time as did Dr. Diane Gutierrez. Needless to say they were tremendously helpful, considerate,and compassionate. I would definitely recommend this clinic and it's providers to anyone seeking care. Thank you very much for all your help.

Shawn, Dr. Pistone's assistant has provided me with the best service since I've been attending the San Jose location of Savant care. Shawn has gone out of his way periodically to make sure all my paperwork was submitted and has always been their when I needed him. I commend him on his exemplary service and appreciate the hard work he puts in to his job. Thank you.

I have been seeing doctor Pr. Pistone for 5 months now because of my ADHD. He was able to quickly dignose my problems and start the treatement. He really helped me dealing with my disorder. Also his assistant Shawn, was always a great help as well. He quickly responded to my inquieres and were able to solve them with great switfniss.

Great facilities and administrative processes. Dr. Sorensen is very thoughtful and patient to listening my concerns. I feel absolutely comfortable to communicate with him.

Really patient and good listener. Seems like he really cares. Respectful

Doc was great and took time to get to know me. Appreciated how he was able to get me to open up.

Convenient check-in process, no wait time. Dr. Sorensen was very informative and helped me come up with a few treatments for my anxiety. He was very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

Very professional, courteous, to the point, and yet a great listener - I know I'm going to enjoy seeing him more regularly after this 1st visit!

Very knowledgeable. Professional. Took time with me the first appointment to review history and meds. Very happy. Will continue to see as my new MD

He was very intuitive and asked great questions to get a deeper understanding of what could possibly be wrong. He gave many alternatives for medication and non medication methods to improve my mental health.

I have not got to know dr Sorensen that well yet but he seems like a great guy from my first visit with him.