Q1) What insurances do you take? (1)
Q2) How do I check my insurance coverage? (1)
Q3) Why isn't there a physical receptionist at the clinic? (1)
Q4) What are the cancellation charges? (2)
Q5) You are in-network with Blue Shield of CA. Why am I billed as out-of-network? (1)
Q6) What is my copay for a psychiatry appointment? (1)
Q7) How does payment for medical services work? (1)
Q8) How much do phone calls / HDR's outside of session cost? (1)
Q9) Who is my doctor's / therapist's admin assistant? (1)
Q10) Why do you have a matching / intake system? (1)
Q11) What is the wait time on prescriptions? (1)
Q12) Why do we prefer helpdesk requests over emails or phone calls? (1)
Q13) What in the world is in-network vs. out-of-network services? (1)
Q14) What are the out of network charges for seeing a therapist? (1)
Q15) How do I login to myhealth portal? (1)
Q16) How can I view my invoices? (1)
Q17) Why is patient responsible to check coverage with their insurance company? (1)
Q18) What are the out of network charges for seeing a psychiatrist? (1)
Q19) How much does it cost for my doctor to fill out paperwork on my behalf? (1)
Q20) Can I view a copy of your financial, treatment and privacy policies? (1)
Q21) What tele-psychiatry systems do you use? (1)
Q22) What if I’m late to my appointment? (1)
Q23) How do I create a help desk request? (1)
Q24) How can I use the Mood Tracker? (1)
Q25) Why do I need to sign release of information? (1)
Q26) How do I sign the release of information? (1)
Q27) Can I see a psychiatrist and a therapist on the same day? (1)
Q28) What are the clinic addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers? (1)
Q29) Who are the doctors and therapists on your panel? (1)
Q30) Why is delivering mental health services hard? (1)