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San Francisco Mental Health Clinic

31 Reviews 4.69


490 Post St,
STE 1554 & 1606
San Francisco, CA 94102




Map and Driving Directions
The San Francisco office is located in the historic “Medico Dental Building” at 490 Post Street right at the corner where Mason Street meets Post Street.

If you are familiar with San Francisco, this is at the heart of Union Square and is a busy/high traffic area. If you’re driving, you can park at 520 Mason Street which is a covered garage that offers valet hourly parking services, as well as parking options at nearby hotels and garages. If you’re ride-sharing, there’s a white loading zone curb directly in front of the building to allow a taxi or ride-sharing service to pick up or drop you off.

We recommend you arrive early and plan your parking or transit needs in advance. The entrance to the building is a classical greco-roman style entrance featuring carved depictions of medical professionals in an artistic arc design surrounding glass double doors, and the entrance way is flanked by the Barcelino clothier on the left and the cafe Encore to the right. Once you enter the building’s glass doors, you will see elevators. Please take the elevator to the X floor. The office has 5 elevators available in the lobby. Please use the elevators to make you way up to the 15th floor. Suite 1554 is located on the 15th floor. Please take a left and follow the hallway approximately until you see suite 1554 on your left hand side.

The suite will have the name of Dr. Joe Walker, MD, as one the providers named on the placard. Please enter the suite and have a seat in the reception room. Suite 1606 is located on the 16th floor. Please take a left and follow the hallway to the end until you see the Savant Care suite on the right hand side— it will be distinguishable with an IPAD and the name “SavantCare” on the placard. Please enter the suite and have a seat in the reception area. When you get to the office you will notice that there is no receptionist (why?). Please bring all your medications, of any kind, including supplements. If you have any medical records or results of testing, please bring those, too.

If you have questions or there seems to be an unusual delay please call our office at 650-690-2362. We try to always be on time but occasionally there may be a delay. Sometimes no provider has yet arrived at the office and the door is closed. If no one has arrived by the time the appointment should start or if you are not able to locate your provider’s office, please call 650-690-2362. The office doors also have iPads on them with a photograph of a provider. However, this does not necessarily mean that is the room that your provider might be in on that day so don’t worry!

We realize it can be uncomfortable to come to doctors’ offices. We look forward to providing you the best possible service! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make it more comfortable for you by sending an email to

Providers in San Francisco Mental Health Clinic


Dr. Tahia Haque,
MD, Psychiatrist

Language: English

Location: San Francisco Mental Health Clinic

Years in Practice: 6+



Dr. Joe Walker
MD, Psychiatrist

Language: English

Location: San Francisco Mental Health Clinic

Years in Practice: 26+



Very authentic and kind - this man is a professional who really cares.

Dr Brody is a great doctor. Dr Brody is caring and the best match for my daughter. I can find positive changes in her.

He was extremely helpful. A great listener and is very patient. I look forward to my appointments with him.

It was excellent and I am so impressed. Dr. Brody, I have found him to be the best psychiatrist in the history of my time at outpatient and I am not the only one who feels that way. The incredible support have allowed me to feel better & living how I have always wanted. I am so grateful to Dr. Brody.

SavantCare has always been quick to respond to any questions or requests, and are easy to communicate with online. Dr. Joe Walker has been incredibly helpful and easy to work with.

Great initial consultation with Dr. Walker, looking forward to continuing treatment.

Really helpful and extremely kind

Very nice and understanding.

Sara and Dr. Joe Walker made for a super easy first appointment. Sara was very helpful scheduling my initial meeting with Dr. Walker and even gave me her cell phone should I have any issues. Highly recommend using Savant!

Dr. Walker was great and very attentive. He took the time to listen to me and my concerns. I highly recommend him

Dr. Walker is incredible professional and understanding. I felt very comfortable communicating my problems to him without feeling any judgement. He's a wonderful doctor, and is the first doctor (of 5) that has actually taken the time to find the underlying issues and treat those with minimal medication.

He was very attentive and knowledgeable. I feel like he truly cared and listened and I felt like I was in good hands.

Lovely Dr. always accommodating, always on time. Easy to visit with no stress attached !

He was kind and open while providing valuable insight in a straight-forward way.

I felt very comfortable speaking with Dr. Walker. He was very caring, thoughtful, and a great listener. I would strongly recommend!

This man is an absolute saint and I feel so lucky to have found him on ZocDoc. I had my first session with him today, absolute professional, extremely thoughtful questions, and authentic empathy for everything I was feeling. I highly recommend Dr. Walker to all folks - please do not let the negative reviews regarding the administrative system deter you from scheduling an appointment with him. The admins were very lovely to speak with on the phone and helped with the paperwork afterwards. No bigg

This man is an absolute saint and I feel so lucky to have found him on ZocDoc. I had my first session with him today, absolute professional, extremely thoughtful questions, and authentic empathy for everything I was feeling. I highly recommend Dr. Walker to all folks - please do not let the negative reviews regarding the administrative system deter you from scheduling an appointment with him. The admins were very lovely to speak with on the phone and helped with the paperwork afterwards. No biggy

Great clinic with a friendly staff. I've been a member of Savant Care for nearly a year now and it's incredibly easy to get ahold of a representative and get any of my concerns addressed. They're patient, understanding and respectful. Their help line is very attentive and the doctor I met with was amazing. He was sweet, understanding and very respectful. Very happy with the clinic overall!

After seeing Dr. Walker for the last 3 months, it is more than clear that he is an absolute expert in his field—and as a bonus, is a genuinely caring physician. Unlike many doctors I’ve met, he doesn’t rush you out of his office, and actually t...akes time to get to know you personally as an individual. He let’s you speak as much as you want about your symptoms, family and medical history, and after my assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, I am very optimistic about the improvements I’ve experienced. He thoroughly provides his expertise through extensive knowledge in his field, offers concrete, actionable recommendations, and offers multiple routes for treatment—but most importantly, he listens to his patients. He’s been kind enough to meet with me on a regular basis to asses and keep track of my progress, address any and all questions, and is an all around great doctor. My experience has been wonderfully positive, and I will continue to work with him to manage my condition. Very grateful to have been lucky enough to be apart of his practice and am happy to be seeing improvement in my symptoms as we continue working together to find the right treatment for my condition. Thank you Dr. Walker for being excellent!

It was great. Exactly what I was looking for.

Dr Walker was very kind, professional, and helpful!

no-nonsense, very authoritative (in a great, respectful way), knows what he's talking about and does so with rapport that makes you feel comfortable. can't recommend highly enough.

For starters, I had a very rough start with Savant Care. And that is solely because I get nervous when booking appointments online. Lol. I called their office to book my appointment with Dr. Walker but Michael (his assistant) directed me to their and emailed some steps to fill out some paperwork online. And as usual, I messed it up! I called Michael the next day and I was very impressed with the way he hand held me (well almost literally over the phone!) to completing the paperwork. He later explained to me the whole idea of doing this online and not during the first session - to save patient and doctor’s time. I liked the idea! Everything went well during my first appointment and I found my doctor to be very knowledgeable and understanding. I opened up well in front of him after hesitating in the beginning. He altered one of my meds which did wonders for me within a month of starting it. I have been returning to see him for the last 5 months now and can surely say he will be my doctor for as long as he in practice. The office is pretty high tech with iPads, TVs, etc. Also, the support staff is very welcoming and helpful. All of Dr. Walker’s assistants have always been very very helpful with anything I have needed outside of sessions. Thanks guys and thank you for helping people like us.

So far I am very happy with the customer care. Recently I received a personal phone call from an employee (Paul) asking me if I needed any follow up care, prescription refills or had any concerns, which was an amazing as I had been meaning to schedul...e something but just hadn't got around to it. They also asked about the level of care I had received recently with regards to customer service and I believe they are on a mission to address any complaints that were received in the past and ensure any problems customers may have had are rectified. While I have not experienced any problems myself, this is great to hear. The entire process when dealing with the company has running smoothly from start to finish and I recommend them to others.

Made me feel comfortable and in control of any decisions regarding treatment. I will certainly be seeing him again.

He was the first psychiatrist I met with personally and I always have heard stories about people having to hop through different doctors to find ONE that actually cares and listens and tries to help. I got lucky! He's amazing. It was easier to relax and not be as stressed out with how he was the whole time. He was very attentive and while discussing a game plan together, he was asking about concerns and explaining everything to me.

This review is in addition to one I posted on Yelp about the great work they do at the Savant Care Clinic. If you're searching for a helping hand to get things in your life back on track, the team of mental healthcare professionals at the Savant Care... Clinic are an excellent choice. Their philosophy is based on taking a very holistic approach to your care, and take into consideration all aspects of your life including diet, exercise and sleep habits. They really understand and emphasize the whole body-mind connection thing. When I met Dr. Savant, she immediately put me at ease and I felt really comfortable opening up about what I was going through. Her years of experience really showed in the way that she was able to understand my symptoms and recommend a course of treatment. I was having trouble sleeping due to work stress and the providers at Savant Care were a huge help in getting be back to peaceful nights and worry free days. Something very useful that they incorporate into their practice is a healthcare app so you can track your progress. It made a really big difference in terms of incorporating treatment plans on a daily basis.

This clinic is very responsive so my phone calls and I have had an overall good experience here. They are kind over the phone and typically call back when they say they will. I have enjoyed working with them and recommend this clinic.

I have been with Savant Care for a little over a year. They transitioned me between a doctor I loved and an admin/scheduling service that was so easy, to a new doctor, office, and system that were so impossible to navigate at first, I almost sought a... new doctor because I was so frustrated. I really didn't want to do this because I really liked the new doctor, but the breakdown in communication between admins/doctors/patients was really awful since their San Francisco branch is separate from their primary office. Since that experience, I have worked with the office manager, Alex, who went out of his way to figure out what happened, explain it to me, and worked overtime to make sure I got what I needed. He has been so helpful and instrumental in me sticking with Savant Care. I have seen the changes as everything smoothes out. The new offices are beautiful with amazing technology that should make the process of scheduling, checking in, and staying in touch with your doctor very easy. I'm happy I stuck through it and applaud Savant Care for updating their systems, offering a SF office, and utilizing new software and technology even though the transitions aren't always initially easy.

I really am not a fan of shrinks. I generally find their advice to be questionable, vague and their manner either imperious or impotent. Most of them seem to see every solution as either a matter of adopting their personal philosophy of life or a sim...ply figuring out the right drugs and dosage. I like to make my own decisions and Im not interested in medicating my problems away. (No offense to those who use anti-depressants or other drugs, in some cases they can be very valuable, but this wasnt MY answer.)However, when a number of circumstances took their toll and I started to get a little too stressed, it seemed like a good idea to talk to someone. I actually know a large number of medical and psychological professionals - some good friends, but there's no way that I would ever go to them for advice. (They're all crazy and/or have disastrous personal lives.) So, I asked my internist for a referral and he sent me to Joe Walker.Ive been seeing him weekly for about four months. I have an excellent opinion of him. My experience has been universally positive. I have felt very comfortable with his consultative approach, which is essentially to figure out what kind of person you are and to learn to live within that mold and have a happy life. He has not challenged my desire to make my own decisions, which is one of the reasons why this works so well for me. But he has been extremely helpful in pointing out my own self-delusions, in driving me to answer questions that I might avoid asking myself and by pointing out contradictions in my own reasoning. He is very perceptive, empathetic and kind. He can be very direct, sometimes express frustration and certainly doesnt conceal his opinions, but Ive never felt uncomfortable with him. If anything, I feel that his honesty has been very helpful in developing a trusting relationship.My experience with him has allowed me to continue under challenging circumstances, and work towards my personal and professional goals. I dont know how I would have been able to do it without him.

Dr. David Brody is a brilliant and kind psychaitrist, a hard combination to find, Insightful and compassionate, he rates at the very top of the field.