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Mental health clinic in San Francisco, California – Contact us now

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San Francisco Mental Health Clinic


490 Post St,
STE 1554 & 1606
San Francisco, CA 94102




Map and Driving Directions
The San Francisco office is located in the historic “Medico Dental Building” at 490 Post Street right at the corner where Mason Street meets Post Street.

If you are familiar with San Francisco, this is at the heart of Union Square and is a busy/high traffic area. If you’re driving, you can park at 520 Mason Street which is a covered garage that offers valet hourly parking services, as well as parking options at nearby hotels and garages. If you’re ride-sharing, there’s a white loading zone curb directly in front of the building to allow a taxi or ride-sharing service to pick up or drop you off.

We recommend you arrive early and plan your parking or transit needs in advance. The entrance to the building is a classical greco-roman style entrance featuring carved depictions of medical professionals in an artistic arc design surrounding glass double doors, and the entrance way is flanked by the Barcelino clothier on the left and the cafe Encore to the right. Once you enter the building’s glass doors, you will see elevators. Please take the elevator to the X floor. The office has 5 elevators available in the lobby. Please use the elevators to make you way up to the 15th floor. Suite 1554 is located on the 15th floor. Please take a left and follow the hallway approximately until you see suite 1554 on your left hand side.

The suite will have the name of Dr. Joe Walker, MD, as one the providers named on the placard. Please enter the suite and have a seat in the reception room. Suite 1606 is located on the 16th floor. Please take a left and follow the hallway to the end until you see the Savant Care suite on the right hand side— it will be distinguishable with an IPAD and the name “SavantCare” on the placard. Please enter the suite and have a seat in the reception area. When you get to the office you will notice that there is no receptionist (why?). Please bring all your medications, of any kind, including supplements. If you have any medical records or results of testing, please bring those, too.

If you have questions or there seems to be an unusual delay please call our office at 650-690-2362. We try to always be on time but occasionally there may be a delay. Sometimes no provider has yet arrived at the office and the door is closed. If no one has arrived by the time the appointment should start or if you are not able to locate your provider’s office, please call 650-690-2362. The office doors also have iPads on them with a photograph of a provider. However, this does not necessarily mean that is the room that your provider might be in on that day so don’t worry!

We realize it can be uncomfortable to come to doctors’ offices. We look forward to providing you the best possible service! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make it more comfortable for you by sending an email to