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Redondo Beach Mental Health Clinic


510 N. Prospect Ave
STE 304
Redondo Beach, CA 90277




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Providers in Redondo Beach Mental Health Clinic


Dr. Sonia Parikh,
MD, Psychiatrist

Language: English

Location: Redondo Beach Mental Health Clinic

Years in Practice: 8+



Dr. Joseph Burwell
DO, Psychiatrist

Language: English

Location: Redondo Beach Mental Health Clinic

Years in Practice: 6+


Ailsa Long profile picture

Ailsa Long
LMFT, Therapist

Language: English

Location: Redondo Beach Mental Health Clinic

Years in Practice: 21+



She was awesome! So happy we found her!

She’s wonderful

Very good easy to talk to

I was surprised by the caring and professional approach of Dr. Reader. She has been a blessing for me. Very much impressed.

Dr. Reader is a most caring compassionate understanding doctor have ever had. I am so fortunate to have her as my doctor.

I've only had one appointment with him but I was definitely not disappointed. He addressed my concerns right away and he was very thorough and understanding. Definitely recommend!

Dr. Parikh and Dr. Chhatlani are both compassionate, helpful, and professional. Moreover, it's easy to set up appointments and get fast responses to questions due to great support from the administrative staff. I'd highly recommend SavantCare to anyone looking for mental health support.

Dr. Burwell is great and the SavantCare staff is always very helpful, friendly and responsive!

Dr. Parikh has been wonderful to work with. She’s very thorough and willing to discuss treatment options, and gave me a lot of confidence about making decisions about my care. In addition, her admin, Paul, is very helpful and efficient. He makes scheduling appointments and completing paperwork painless!

Ive known Dr Parikh for 3 years (going 4...and counting) as I refuse to switch to another doctor. Tks to the modern era, our sessions happens via Xoom! Saves me gas and time!

My first appointment to see Dr. Aarti Chhatlani, went very well. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease when being evaluated and she was incredibly supportive and professional. You can easily make an appointment with Sam the (Admin Assistant) at 650-690-2DOC. Thank you Dr. Chantlani and Sam for your help today and I look forward to my next visit.

One the best places that I have ever been to. It is clean, great area and quite. Best of all they provide little snacks as you wait for your appointment. Sonia Parikh is amazing saddly she is on fertnity leave. However, was able to be transfered over... to Arati Chhatlani the same day my appointment with Sonia was set in 10 mins. Great assistance from Savant assistant desk. Arati C. Was able to help me and give great information. Asked great questions upon my case and she cares about my progress in my journey. If you are looking for a MD who cares, is understanding, is educated and resourceful. She is great person to go to. The only feedback I have is to get better unpdates in cancellation through text and email.

Everyone is experienced and professional. Very good experience.

My experience with Dr. Burwell and his Assistant Kent have been top notch. Very professional and helpful. A great team that I would suggest to all in need.

Dr. Parikh is so helpful! She is extremely kind, understanding, and easy to talk to. She has helped me so much with my ADHD, which has helped me a lot in school. I am truly grateful to have her as my doctor.

I am a new patient to Savant Care's and to Dr. Joseph Burwell and I have to say that I am so happy that I found them. Their assistant Kent is a very helpful person and they really care about their patient's. They have a prompt response making me feel cared for, thank you to all of you. I recommend them 100%.

I have been to many different places to receive treatment and savant care is by far the best!! They are so fitting to my needs and always give me something positive to walk away with after a session. Dr. Parikh is truly amazing at what she does and in the short period of time I have been going here she is already making a difference.

What sets Dr. Parikh apart from other doctors is her intelligence, and her assistant Paul. Dr. Parikh listens, remembers what you told her, diagnoses and follows up. She is so smart and quick. Paul her assistant is on top of everything. Their office uses texting for messages, and Zoom for remote appoinments (in addition to in-person visits and calling). Rxs, appointments, questions, employer leave paperwork, issues with mail order pharmacy - they've helped with it all. I can not recommend this team more highly.

Dr. Parikh is an extremely sharp, insightful and emphatetic doctor. I have never felt this comfortable and understood by any doctor ever. She makes her patients feel cared for. I highly recommend her.

Great experience with Dr. Parikh. Quite helpful for a stree free life. Admin assistant like Nathan, Shawn and specially Paul are quite responsive and also helps in document related work. It was a 5 star experience overall and highly recommended.

I have been a patient of Dr. Parikh for a couple months, and I am satisfied with her and her staffs' care.

The staff is very considerate and understanding, giving beneficial care in a timely manner.

Dr. Sonia Parikh and her team is excellent. Dr. Parikh is very intelligent and She can read what her patients are going through. She listens to us very carefully and knows what to prescribe. My daughter had many ups and down and went through many tre...atments with other physicians but Dr. Parikh is the only one who was successful handling her situation. We are very grateful to her. We had very pleasant experience overall with treatment, appointment scheduling and consultation. Paul is also always prompt and very responsive. Thank you Dr. Parikh and Paul and other team for always being there for us. The society really need passionate people like you. Thank you again.

Everyone at Savant Care has been extremely caring and helpful. Dr. Parikh, Laura, and Paul

I've been going to Savant Care in the Bay Area for about 3 years now. Dr. Parikh has been my doctor since the beginning. She recently relocated to Redondo Beach. She has been such a fabulous doctor, she really has helped me to grow and learn more abo...ut being healthier and happier in my life. She's been instrumental in helping me to make sense of my life and how to implement new tools to move forward. When she moved I decided to keep her as my doctor, long distance, because she knows my story and she's worked hard with me to make the progress I have so far. Her team at Savant Care are fantastic! My therapist Joanne is superb! I am so grateful for both Dr. Parikh and Joanne's patience in working with me. Their combined experience along with Savant Care's office staff, Adrian, Paul, Stephanie, Dr. Savant, and Bijoesh just to name a few are professional, courteous, caring, and compassionate. Thank you so much!

My time with Savant Care has been an excellent experience. The staff and Dr. Parikh were caring and understanding. Appointments were easy to make and any changes were easy to make as well. They were able to have both in house appointments and appointments over the phone or FaceTime. Refills were easy to obtain and they were always quick about calling it in. They also use secure emails/texts to get answers back sooner than expected, in addition to the phone line always open. I would highly recommend Savant Care team to anyone who is looking for a provider.

Dr. Parikh and her staff have all been very professional and efficient. I especially appreciate their use of technology to avoid wasting time and paper filling out reams of forms. Dr. Parikh is warm, proactive, and supportive.

First went to visit Dr Parikh when she was in Los Altos. And was so happy to find someone so warm, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She was easy to open up to and I was so pleased to make such leaps and bounds with my mental health. I've worked with Paul from her team in particular and was so appreciative of the way he handled my questions and needs. Paul really went above and beyond communicating with me - he was so quick to get back to me and got back to me when he said would (something I really find to be important when checking out a Dr and their team).

Hello Savantcare, I've been wanting to write a review for Dr Sonia Parikh for several years, since I saw her in Bay area. She genuinely seemed to care about my life - and life of others - and went out her way to help me and make right decisions. I usually couldn't wait until I see her again. I've tried several other psychiatrists after she left to Southern California, and oh buoy, what a waste of time they were. Her assistants, and especially Paul Pagani, was the nicest I've ever had - no task for him were impossible. Best of Luck Savantcare!!!

Spent quite some time with Dr Parikh,she is true magician to mental health domain. Their stamp out stigma campaign is just awesome. Admin staff Paul is of great help and hugely responsive.Highly recommended to change your way of living.

This was my 3rd time seeing a new doctor this year. I had my doubts in the beginning, but once I sat down with Dr Sonya parikh I realized that I had found the place that could Give me some answers. From before I even had my first appointment, till after I walked out of the buildling, Dr Sonya’s assistant Paul was there making sure I got the best service possible. I highly recommend.

Doctor was patient and very helpful.

I have been a patient of Dr. Reader for many years and she has helped me through many difficult situations. Highly recommend.

Dr. was very professional and she had a warm and friendly approach. I am very positive after meeting her and speaking with her.

I have been seeing Dr. Reader since last 6 months. She helped me through my depression and anxiety. I liked that she helped me make a treatment plan that included meds and other personal steps to help me get well. I am grateful for Dr. Reader.

This doc is very helpful and does understand the patient's disease symtomns, speakes in a very polite manner. The clinic is very neat and clean.

Great experiences can not be conveyed over few words. However, I'll try my best to do the same. I've approached her in my hour of need and she has went ahead and helped me a lot during my hardships. One of the best psychiatrist I've seen so far.

She has been very helpful and very informative when it comes to explaning the medications. To me a psychiatrist who is willing to do all of the above is good enough.

Dr. Chatlani is very helpful. She is very good with time management with her patients. She is very calm and listens to everything patiently.

I am fortunate enough to meet such a wonderful doctor. She is caring and understand my needs. I felt relaxed after my first visit.

I walked up to her when my anxiety was impacting me to a tremendous degree. She has helped me go through a lot, and she was with me at every single step which I had taken.

I am a new patient to Dr. Beverly & I have to say I am so happy that I found them. They really care about the patient's. They have a prompt response making me feel cared. Thank You.

It was a truly awesome visit.

What a fantastic young doctor. Sonia is very professional and quite knowledgeable. Impressed 5 star *****

Dr. Burwell is, hands down, the best psychiatrist I've ever had. I always feel comfortable, he always asks the right questions, and he's very thorough in his treatment recommendations. He's also firm about treatment in just the right way... without being pushy, but letting you know you should seriously consider his expertise. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Parikh is probably the most compassionate provider I have ever met. I have been a patient of her's for almost a year and have been impressed with her knowledge, her attention to detail, and her staff's timely responses.

Dr. Burwell was very thorough in capturing my past and present history. I felt very comfortable in his presence. So far so good. Made a follow-up appointment.

Polite, nice, well spoken, knowledgeable.

Dr. Parikh is knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, &understanding. She was the first psychiatrist, maybe person ever, to make me feel like I could finally just be honest about everything in my life. That it was a safe place. I was able to get a late diagnosis of adult ADHD and turn around a very rough path that the symptoms had brought me down. I look forward to keep working with her, and if you or someone you love may be worried there's something not right, I would highly recommend her.